Dream House Molly Blume Book 2

Ballantine Books #ad - 9:37 p. M. 100 block of South Martel. This beautiful property belongs to Margaret Reston and her husband, Hank; and the sick old man who dies when it burns is Margaret’s father. But the attack is one in a recent spate of increasingly violent vandalisms targeting residents who have paid millions of dollars for their dream homes in the ritziest enclaves of Los Angeles.

Residents are already seething, hotly divided about the growing number of Historical Architectural Restoration and Preservation HARP boards that prevent homeowners from remodeling their expensive real estate, forcing them to preserve the traditional integrity of neighborhoods where Hollywood legends once lived.

Dream House Molly Blume Book 2 #ad - An anthony award winner for her debut novel, Where’s Mommy Now? which was adapted as the TV movie Perfect Alibi, Ms. That demonstrates once again why she has won for herself an important place in the pantheon of outstanding mystery writers. Jerusalem Post“Smoothly written. A charming new series. Molly blume is a fresh new presence on the mystery scene.

Dream housea novel of suspenserochelle KrichNational bestselling author of Blues in the NightFriday, October 31.


Grave Endings: A Novel of Suspense Molly Blume Book 3

Ballantine Books #ad - And though she should be focused on her wedding, Trina; about his missing girlfriend, she is driven to find out more–about Creeley; about his nervous sister, only weeks away, Doreen. Tuesday, February 17. For almost six years she has been obsessed by the mystery of her best friend's murder: If she had been with Aggie, would the killer have chosen another victim? Will the killer ever be caught?When Molly’s LAPD pal Detective Andy Connors shows her a locket found on the body of a dead man, suddenly the case seems solved.

. The more molly discovers, the more she wonders: was aggie’s life snuffed out so an addict could shoot up? Or has Creeley been framed? What if Aggie was deliberately murdered by someone else, someone who is ready to kill again to ensure that his motives stay buried with Aggie and Randy Creeley?Molly’s search for the truth sends her scurrying for answers in an L.

Grave Endings: A Novel of Suspense Molly Blume Book 3 #ad - A. About aggie, who, it turns out, didn’t tell her best friend everything. Still coiled inside it is the red-thread good-luck charm that Molly had brought back years ago from Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, a thread with the reputed mystical power to protect its wearer. The presumed murderer–a good-looking aspiring actor named Randy Creeley–was found dead of an overdose in his shabby Hollywood apartment.

11:40 a. M. Corner of vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.


Blues in the Night Molly Blume Book 1

Ballantine Books #ad - It’s not a smoking gun, but is sufficient to reinforce Molly’s gut instinct that there are sinister circumstances behind the assault on Lenore Saunders. With fearless conviction, her shrink, her ex-husband, Molly asks questions that nobody—including Lenore’s mom, or even Molly’s L. A. P. D. 1:46 a. M. In fact, it draws her to a bedside in intensive care, Max, where the victim whispers to her three names: Robbie, and Nina.

Twentysomething divorcee molly Blume, with her deep faith, and nose for the truth, short skirts, is a heroine to cherish. Tragedy, soon forgotten. But the image of the young woman in her nightgown stumbling along a dark, a freelance true-crime writer, winding road is one Molly, cannot shake. Nevertheless, the astute molly discovers Lenore lived a fractured life, so different from Molly’s own secure and loving Orthodox Jewish background.

Blues in the Night Molly Blume Book 1 #ad - Sunday, July 13. An unidentified woman in her twenties, wearing a nightgown, was the victim of a hit-and-run accident that left her unconscious and seriously injured. There were no witnesses. So reads the report on the accident off Mulholland Drive in Molly Blume’s Crime Sheet column for a weekly Los Angeles tabloid.

Mysteries of the past—and introduces an investigator who is pure gold.


Now You See Me...: A Novel of Suspense Molly Blume Book 4

Ballantine Books #ad - For reuben hasn’t told her the whole truth. The more molly looks for clues to the missing girl’s fate, the more she wonders: Is Hadassah a random victim of a predator, or is the girl a pawn in a scheme of revenge against her family?It’s a long, deadly path that stretches before Molly, a path mined with hidden passions and festering secrets.

Now You See Me...: A Novel of Suspense Molly Blume Book 4 #ad - . For feisty los angeles crime reporter Molly Blume, life is good. However, when an overardent fan’s attentions arouse Molly’s suspicion, her thoughts turn uneasily to stalkers. But the fan, reuben jastrow, hadassah, swears that he desperately needs Molly’s help in finding his eighteen-year-old daughter, who has run away from home to be with a man she met on the Internet.

And it ends with a final twist and an unnerving truth: What we don’t see can lead to danger. And tragedy. She is newly married to the adoring and adorable Rabbi Zack, and her latest true-crime book is a hot seller. Molly hesitantly agrees–and immediately has regrets.