Lazer Bond DIY UV Activated Liquid Plastic Bonding Self-Adhesive Filler

miss rose make up co.,ltd #ad - You can get it on surfaces, including your hands, and just wipe it off with no sticky residue. Lazer bond will allow you to extend the life of so many household things, so don't replace - repair! The amazing bonding properties of Lazer Bond make it seem like a super-strong, fast-acting glue but, in fact, it's not a glue at all.

It's a specially created, rock hard, high-bonding liquid plastic that sets, almost instantly when 'cured' by shining UV light through it. Simply clean the damaged surface, shine the uv light and that's it! The super-strong, apply a thin layer of Lazer Bond, flexible bond is created in as little as three seconds and lasts for years.

Lazer Bond DIY UV Activated Liquid Plastic Bonding Self-Adhesive Filler #ad - Lazer bond is also a filler, plus it can be sanded and painted for repairs to anything from plastic to wood, as well as an adhesive, that's waterproof and dries totally clear, ceramics and even metal. Unlike a glue, that starts to harden when exposed to air, Lazer Bond stays liquid until you want it to set.

This liquid property also means it's thinner than heavy glues so it can adhere to the texture of whatever you want to fix, giving it more grip and a far superior bond when set. For filling, new layers until the desired thickness and coverage is achieved Features fixes, glass and more Dries clear and can be sanded and painted Solvent free, fastens and seals virtually anything in seconds Liquid plastic that only hardens with UV light Use on plastic, and set, fills, metal, just apply, waterproof and heat resistant.

Lazer bond diy uv activated liquid plastic bonding self-adhesive fil description just when you thought you'd seen every kind of adhesive there was, but a plastic bond that's activated by LIGHT! We live in a 'disposable' world, here's Lazer Bond - the liquid adhesive that's not a glue at all, with many of our possessions being so easily broken we're forced to throw away things that could be fixed.

Delicate cables, casings and small parts on everything from glasses to cups, keyrings and toys are often the things that break, forcing us to stop using something that is otherwise fine.


UV Light Glue Kit Clear Adhesive Liquid Plastic Welder 5 Seconds Repair Almost Anything

Guguyeah 6Z-DQAZ-AVWQ #ad - Light with special wave length and battery lifespan are 10 hours How to use: Gave a gentle squeeze on the tube, and got some of the goopy liquid out onto the seam between the two pieces shined the UV light LED onto the liquid. Used advanced technology, glue is environmental safe and passed the EU 174 project non-hazardous testing 2.

Note: if any question, please feel free to contact our Guguyeah team, we will try best to help. Harden with the UV light for 5-10 seconds. Used advanced technology, non-hazardous Formula, It is also Environmental Safe and Passed the EU 174 Project Testing. Kit includes: 1 visbella glue pen + 2 alcohol prep pad+1UV Light With Battery.

UV Light Glue Kit Clear Adhesive Liquid Plastic Welder 5 Seconds Repair Almost Anything #ad - 1. Glue:4ml Density:1. 12 viscosity:1200cps 1pen with 320 drops 4. Safe, water proof and heat resistant. Please follow the instruction on the Backside and Contact Us If Any Question. Not a normal glue, fix other glue cannot and you can even build up material with It, Much Stronger Than Any Other Glue Guaranteed, and That Material is Structually Strong.

Apply appropriate glue to cure 3. Quick and supper powered permanent bonding in 5-10 seconds 3.